Jungfrau Media
Est. 2013

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Web Design & Web Development


We offer a range of adaptive solutions to your web needs. We always set out to build attractive web experiences, that are designed around the user and simplicity.


For clients who wish to be able to update their own websites, we usually find that the easiest solution is to use a Wordpress base, as this is an industry standard and allows for really straightforward editing. We offer comprehensive training for staff wanting to fully understand the process of updating websites that we have built - this is simple and anyone can learn. This is a great solution for companies wishing to save on retainer or update fees.


If you have an existing website that you want updating then we can also facilitate this in most circumstances as we have in the past with a number of clients.

Social Media


From Facebook to twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, the world of social media is constantly adapting, and we are staying in tune with the changes. Your target demographic will most likely be spread across a range of platforms, and it's important to know how best to reach your audience.


As well as constructing a social media portfolio, we can deliver powerful social campaigns that fit into wider public relations and marketing strategies. We have delivered live event social coverage in the past as well as longer and more wide spread campaigns.


Using tone of voice guidelines and strong senses of brand identity we can use social media to drive your company into the modern world.

Communications Consultancy


Having produced board reports, media strategies and delivered seminars about online media to enterprise audiences, Jungfrau Media is here to work for you. If you're not sure how your business can grow through online media and communications we can produce reports detailing your strengths, weaknesses and a suggest a growth plan. We are always on hand to help deliver online media roll-out, and always happy to simply offer advice.




In 2014 our team helped design and spearhead the #Rankin4Notts online social marketing campaign which gained the support of thousands in a successful effort to bring the world famous photographer Rankin to Nottingham as part of a local arts project.


Online Marketing offers fantastic and cost effective ways to reach mass audiences and deliver an engagement with your services. The key to successful online marketing is in being social and interactive with your audience. We produce marketing strategies based around this, and then deliver based on your specifications.


Photography & Cinematography


As part of creating the complete package for clients, we offer photographic and video making services. Photos and videos are what bring you to life in the eyes of your audience. We've seen massive levels of success in advertising that is designed around photography and videos. It's right for most projects.